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ceviche de pulpo

Ceviche is a typical dish in some South American countries, particularly Peru.

The term “ceviche” is believed to have come from the Quechua word “siwichi”, which means “soft or fresh fish”, although there are theories about its origins.

The traditional recipe for Peruvian ceviche is made with fresh fish or seafood, lemon and lime, onion, hot chili pepper and fresh cilantro.

The acidity of the lemon juice “cooks” the raw fish or seafood. Although the classic recipe is prepared this way, not all ceviches are made using raw fish or seafood.

A highly recommended, tasty and easy alternative is octopus ceviche. All ceviches call for quality products, which is why el Rey del Pulpo precooked octopus is just the right thing.

  • For sharing:  2 servings
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: 25 min.
  • Ideal for: Starter
  • Calories: 80 Kcal/100gr

Octopus ceviche is a fresh, different and easy-to-prepare recipe. We’re sure that you’ll just love this recipe!



Ingredients for 2 servings:

el Rey del Pulpo precooked chilled octopus tentacles

1 red onion

5 limes

3 lemons

Fresh cilantro

Salt and pepper

Chili or red chili pepper (optional)


  • To prepare octopus ceviche, the first thing to do is to slice the octopus. It’s best to use a well-sharpened knife and cut it into approximately 1 cm thick slices. Cut it into slices or small pieces, whichever you prefer.
  • Next, prepare the rest of the ingredients. Julienne or brunoise the onion and wash thoroughly to remove the bitter taste, mince the fresh cilantro and squeeze the limes and lemons by hand.
  • In a bowl, place the octopus together with the juice of the lemons and limes, half the onions, a little salt and stir well. Leave it to rest in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
  • Once this time has passed, take it out of the refrigerator and finish the octopus ceviche by placing the remaining chopped onions onto the marinated octopus, season to taste and sprinkle the minced fresh cilantro on top.
  • If you want to spice it up, you can add thin slices of the chili or red chili pepper with the seeds removed.
  • Octopus ceviche should be served well chilled.



Set aside half of the onions and add right before serving to keep that fresh crunch and give your ceviche a lovely bite.

Ceviche is also ubiquitous in Ecuador. In this case, aside from the ingredients used in the recipe for octopus ceviche, add tomato sauce, 1 tomato and ½ green pepper chopped into small cubes.

You can accompany octopus ceviche with other traditional Latin American dishes, such as chifles (green plantain chips), patacones or tostones.

If you like recipes for cold dishes, you can try this delicious octopus salad with raspberries and mango. Or if you’re up to preparing other traditional recipes from other countries, try your hand at these octopus gyozas.

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