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At el Rey del Pulpo, we’ve been working since 1982 to get the best the sea has to offer to your table.

Our history started with a passion for octopus. Since our beginnings, we’ve made every effort to deliver a product of superior quality with a unique flavor and texture that make it a great favorite among the most discriminating restaurants and homes.

At present, el Rey del Pulpo is the market leader, as well as the most well-known brand of our company, which is present in more than 40 countries and boasts an ever-expanding customer portfolio.

Pasión por el Pulpo

Octopus is a success


Octopus is popular wherever it goes due to its versatility and flavour. Cooked Galician style or braised with vegetables, prepared with rice, stews and vanguard dishes such as sushi and carpaccio: there are no limits with regard to creativity in your kitchen when it comes to the king of the cephalopods.


Excellence in our


We invest in the thoroughness of our processes in order to guarantee the best quality. We take care of each and every detail in the phases involving the manufacture, production and cooking of our octopus, thereby ensuring its original properties are kept intact to enable you to enjoy it as if it had just been fished from the sea.

At el Rey del Pulpo, we do everything we can to ensure that you’ve got a recipe for success. This is why our octopus is available in different formats suited to your needs.

  • Chilled Cooked
    Octoups Tentacles

    For more practical consumers: high-quality octopus tentacles cooked in the traditional Mediterranean style, in ready to eat format to savour at any time.

    envase el rey del pulpo 200gr
  • CHILLED or frozen
    octopus in a tray

    Ready to consume chilled cooked octopus tentacles. Available in different sizes and formats: tentacles and half octopus.

    Octoups Tentacles

    Frozen cooked octopus tentacles, vacuum packed to preserve all their freshness. The product is marketed ready to consume and is ideal for preparing stews and rice and quick, fresh recipes in just a few minutes.

At el Rey del Pulpo, we’re strongly committed to strict and rigorous compliance with international food laws. It’s for this reason that our company, Discefa, has meticulous control, food safety assurance and traceability procedures starting from the fishing grounds themselves, which has led us to obtain the following certifications:

certificaciones discefa