Humus con pulpo
  • For sharing:  2 servings
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: 40 min
  • Ideal for: Starter
  • Calories: 330 Kcal/100g


When talking about using a timbale in the kitchen, we’re referring to a mold that has the shape of a cylinder or cone and that serves to decorate certain dishes that are comprised of several ingredients. For this recipe for octopus with hummus, you’ll need one of these utensils—a ring mold—to shape the base.



Ingredients for 2 servings:

2 precooked octopus tentacles el Rey del Pulpo

To make the hummus: 1 jar of cooked chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil, ground cumin,

juice of 1/2 lemon, tahini and 1 garlic clove

Spices and seeds to taste: paprika, black pepper, sesame seeds, etc.

Extra virgin olive oil




  • Prepare the hummus: Although it can be bought ready made, you can make your own, which will undoubtedly be so much healthier. And it’s so easy to make. Rinse the cooked chickpeas well to remove all the liquid in the jar. Next, place them in the beaker of the immersion blender and add a garlic clove, salt, cumin, the juice of half a lemon and tahini sauce (which you can buy at any herbal store).
  • Blend well and set aside:Blend well and add water little by little. It has to be creamy but with body. Next, leave it to rest in the refrigerator while you prepare the octopus.
  • Prepare the octopus: The octopus is already precooked, whether it’s frozen or chilled. But remember that the latter will take less time. If you’re using frozen octopus, you should leave it to sit in water at room temperature inside the package for 30 minutes. 
  • Next, slice it into ten-centimeter-long pieces.
  • Frying pan or grill:You can cook the octopus in a frying pan or on a grill, browning well on each side while ensuring that you don’t have it cooking too long, so it doesn’t get tough and chewy. 
  • Plate: While waiting for the grilled octopus to finish cooking, start plating the octopus with hummus. To do this, place the ring mold on a dish or place one ring mold for every plate. Fill it with hummus, place a piece of octopus on top once it’s done and a pinch of flake salt.
  • Finish plating by sprinkling a little paprika and some sesame seeds and drizzling some extra virgin olive oil on top.



To sum up, with this recipe, you can try a blend of different cultures such as the Arab and Asian cultures, presented in an original manner in small portions that are just right. Nutritionally speaking, it’s a very well-balanced dish, as the octopus provides proteins, minerals and certain vitamins, while the hummus provides all the advantages of legumes, such as fiber and different vitamins that are particularly beneficial for the heart rate.

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