Pulpo a la gallega: Spanish Galician Style Octopus Recipe

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pulpo a la gallega

Galician-Style Octopus or Pulpo a la Gallega is worth getting to know and mastering if you´re a true fan of this animal and, of Spain, of course. Moreover, the best version is the traditional one with nothing added, making it one of the most representative and best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine.

  • For sharing: 250 g for each serving
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: 15 min
  • Ideal for: Dinner/Main Dish
  • Calories: 122 Kcal/100g


This recipe features ingredients such as the octopus itself, which many people regard as a super food, in addition to potatoes, paprika and olive oil. All these ingredients make up this exceptional dish, which never goes out of fashion. The result of this mixture is an intense flavor that varies in accordance with the type of paprika used. It goes without saying that if you´re a fan of cooking, you must know how to prepare this recipe.


Ingredients for each serving:

A medium portion of between 200 g and 250 g of el Rey del Pulpo octopus.

Two bay leaves (optional).

Extra virgin olive oil.




  • Using cooked octopus when preparing this recipe is a good idea. You can use frozen or chilled octopus in accordance with your preferred means of conservation. In the event you purchased frozen octopus, all you need to do to thaw it is to leave it to soak in its bag for 30 minutes. However, this step will not be necessary if you purchased precooked octopus.
  • If you´re going to cook potatoes as well, this is the time to prepare them. As soon as the octopus has been put to one side, chop up the potatoes and place them in water to boil. If you wish to stick to the Galician recipe as far as possible, you shouldn´t peel them.
  • While the potatoes are in the water, cut the tentacles into slices with a pair of scissors just like in the markets in Galician villages. However, if the octopus is still partly frozen, it is better to cut it with a knife so as not to lose any of the skin.
  • To heat up the cooked octopus, regardless of whether you bought it frozen or chilled, all you need to do is place it in the microwave oven for two minutes at full power.
  • Now the two ingredients are ready it´s time to prepare the dish. The use of wooden plates would be ideal, as you would thereby be following the tradition. First of all, place the potatoes and slices of octopus on the plate and then sprinkle a little spicy and sweet paprika mixed to taste and a splash of extra virgin olive oil, the best complement for this famous dish.


The octopus shines in its own light in this recipe.

Every weekend hundreds of villages in Galicia uphold the tradition of preparing this dish at different markets. Most people who try it are amazed by the intense, but pleasant flavour of this wonderful food.

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