Sautéed Octopus and Jumbo Shrimp over Truffle Mashed Potatoes

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Although sautéed octopus and jumbo shrimp stir fry is already amazing in and of itself, we’ve added truffle mashed potatoes to make a star dish you can use to wow anyone with the unparalleled flavor and aroma of truffle.

Today, there are some farm harvesting truffles in the South and West of the U.S., but Spain is the world’s largest black truffle (also known as “black gold”) producer, where they are harvested in the winter, from November to March.

You can find black truffles in a number of formats. This recipe calls for truffle infused olive oil and one small black truffle. You can buy truffles shredded to reduce your cooking time.

Ready to create this dish that is as easy as it is crowd-pleasing? Give our sautéed octopus and jumbo shrimp over truffle mashed potatoes a try!

  • To share: Serves 2
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: 35 min
  • Serve as: Main course
  • Calories: 230 Cal/serving



1 package precooked el Rey del Pulpo octopus

12 jumbo shrimps

2 cloves garlic, minced

3 small potatoes

2 tbs heavy cream

Truffle infused oil

Olive oil

1 small black truffle



  • The first step to this sautéed octopus and jumbo shrimp recipe is to prepare the truffle mashed potatoes. Wash the potatoes well and boil them with the skin on until soft. This will take about 20 minutes, depending on the size of the potatoes. Check to see if they are done by inserting a toothpick or knife.
  • While the potatoes are boiling, take the El Rey del Pulpo precooked octopus out of the fridge, remove the packaging, and slice. Peel the shrimp, except for the tail, and set aside.
  • Once the potatoes are ready, let them cool slightly until you can handle and peel them. Mash with a fork or potato masher, mix in the cream, a splash of truffle infused oil, and salt. Stir until fully incorporated. The mashed potatoes should be soft, creamy, and lump-free. Add a bit more cream or milk needed.
  • Next, sauté the garlic in a frying pan with olive oil. Sauté the shrimp with a dash of salt. When they are almost done, turn up the heat to high, add in the sliced octopus, and sauté a few more minutes.
  • Make a bed of truffle mashed potatoes, lay the sautéed octopus and shrimp on top (be to sure to pour the oil over it!), and sprinkle a bit of shredded truffle on top.



To make your mashed potatoes extra flavorful and creamy, boil the potatoes with the skin on. This will keep them from absorbing excess water.

If you don’t have a black truffle, you can certainly make this dish with just the truffle infused oil, but if you want to give it the true truffle flavor explosion, shred a bit of black truffle on top.

Pair this amazing sautéed octopus recipe with a nice glass of tart wine.

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