Octopus Skewers With Paprika And Olive Oil

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Brochetas de pulpo a la gallega

This is a very attractive suggestion and can be served as an appetizer or as a starter. These octopus skewers with paprika and oil can be the best option if you have many guests and you want to serve something easy. In short, practically everyone likes this dish.

  • To share: 4 people
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: 30 min
  • Ideal for: Appetizer / Starter
  • Calories: 144 Kcal/100g


Ingredients for four people:

For the octopus:

– A tray of 500 g of octopus tentacles from el Rey del Pulpo
– Olive oil
– Paprika (sweet and/or spicy to taste)
– Coarse salt

For the mashed potatoes:
– 2 or 3 potatoes
– 1 tablespoon of butter
– 1 dash of milk
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Salt


  • Start preparing the mashed potatoes: Put the potatoes in a pot with water and salt. Once it boils, leave the potatoes until they are tender. Drain and mash the potatoes. Then, add a good splash of milk, a little oil, a tablespoon of butter and mix well. Depending on your taste, you can add a little bit of nutmeg. Taste and adjust the salt.
  • The next step is to prepare the octopus. Take it out from the tray. Then cut it into slices and place it on a plate. These should be a little thicker than the ones we normally use for the traditional recipe. It is preferable that you cut it cold and with a knife to avoid damaging the skin of the octopus. Next prepare the skewers. To do this, just place the octopus on the cocktail sticks. Ideally, the slices should be as similar as possible in size. If this is not possible, put the smaller pieces on the outer end. Cook the skewers on a griddle or frying pan with a little EVOO over high heat (2 minutes on each side). 
  • Now it is time to plate. The first step is to assemble a bed of hot mashed potato on a dish. Once we have the skewers grilled, place them on top of the mashed potatoes pressing them so that they are impregnated with the potato mixture.
  • Finally, season the dish. In this step the most important thing is the order: first add coarse salt, then paprika and finally the olive oil. Now the recipe is ready! It is important to eat it hot so that it keeps all its flavor. Enjoy!


If you prefer to use a different method to heat the octopus, you can put it in the microwave at maximum heat for 2 minutes. Or if you prepare it on the grill it will also taste great.

If you are short of time, you can opt for dehydrated mashed potatoes.


If you want to give a different touch to your dish, you can use a piping bag with an original nozzle to decorate or shape the mashed potatoes.

Choose cocktail sticks that are a little strong and have a sharp end to make it easier to plate the octopus skewers.

The skewers are a quick and excellent option if you are going to have guests, as it is a different dish, but very tasty and easy to prepare. 

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